Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Shitty poem of the day!

there is living in somewhere--
in wherever I most bare my chest
or the bruises that best me--
a seeing knowledge of my guesses
the ability to see what they are or attempt
when they fall against me and then
straighten their shoots
twisting those fibers that make me
I am taken but only hide when I ask;
I can watch askance the recurrence:
trace the pattern and take it from my skin
but then we've always been stronger than that.

something feels out of its settings,
and its surroundings are collapsing
where a million words and things were
that they might go on to have more
or to be more, but it's not quite certain
they hang curtains on our stage
and I bring myself to tears
where I spent years collecting mussels on the shore
but then the stars I sought were never the bright ones.

there is something to be said for your eyelashes at earlier than we thought in the morning.

I have to work because I need to
whatever carried my impulses through me before
now flushes my mouth, grasps my hand
wherever this land might be or represent
I have chosen it because I needed it
and I choose it because I mean it
and because your eyes are still brighter
I lit some fantasies into flame a year ago
their ashes, a loam for us
a cradle for our beating luxuries

I will take your hand because I know

(Edit: 11/10/11 - this poem needs some help, so it's in the middle of being edited. Right now it ends abruptly. Sorry.)

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